Mainstone, Romsey, SO51 6BA - Map
Mainstone, Romsey, SO51 6BA - Map


BUSINESS AS USUAL!! Our Little Bit of Drama...!

Some of you may have caught our brief appearance in the news on Thursday evening (16/2/17), when an elderly lady lost control of her car across the road, and drove at some speed into the wall of the clinic!

Fortunately there were no serious casualties -two or four legged- and the lady was taken to hospital for a routine checkup.

Unfortunately, we sustained a bit of damage to the building, but with a great effort from 'The Team', some help from passing clients- Thank You Mr & Mrs Jones!, and fantastic service from P&Z Beach Plumbers to reconnect us, we were pretty much back to normal by the next morning!

We will be having some repair work as required but in the meantime, its BUSINESS AS USUAL!


New Forest Dog Illness

As many of you may be aware, in the last couple of weeks there appears to have been several new cases reported of the potentially fatal kidney disease arising in dogs that have been exercised in certain areas of the New Forest.

This disease, which appeared in the early part of 2013, caused the death of a number of dogs exercised around Ogdens, near Fordingbridge. Affected dogs have died of severe kidney failure, usually accompanied by the development of ulcerating skin lesions on the legs. There had been no confirmed cases since around April 2013, but a number of recent deaths appear to be attributable to the same condition.

The new cases have arisen in the Sway/Wilverley area in the South of the Forest.

No-one yet knows what is causing this problem, in spite of a vast amount of investigations, but there appears to be a link with dogs walking/swimming in these areas, and it may relate to some form of toxin in the water getting into the dog's system.

We recommend checking your dogs daily for any evidence of sores developing, particularly if associated with your dog being unwell, having been walked in the New Forest.

If at all worried, please contact the surgery for an appointment, where we may take some blood tests to check kidney function.

Additionally, we would suggest that you consider washing your dog with a mild shampoo after returning from walks in the Forest.

The following links can offer more information:

Anderson Moores Veterinary Specialists:

New Forest District Council:

It should be remembered that this is still an extremely rare condition- whilst any deaths are unacceptable, many hundreds of dogs walk in the Forest every day, and there has still only been a handful of cases confirmed over the last year.




Royal College Standards Inspection
Posted: Thursday 14th March, 2013

We have just received notification from the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) that following our recent re-inspection, we have once again been accredited as an approved Small Animal General Practice.

Mainstone was one of the first practices to be inspected and approved in this scheme when it was introduced and has been inspected every four years since, with a further random spot check (which we passed with flying colours!) last year.

The scheme is an in-depth inspection of the practice standards in all areas, from clinical governance, through practice facilities and cleanliness, to staff training and, of course, legal compliance.

In his report to the RCVS our inspector complimented the practice on the efforts that  had made, and the friendliness of all the staff.