Mainstone, Romsey, SO51 6BA - Map
Mainstone, Romsey, SO51 6BA - Map

Pharmacy & Prescription only Medicines 

Please note that certain medicines are legally designated PML or POM which means that repeat prescriptions can only be dispensed if an animal is being regularly seen by a veterinary surgeon and his or her authorisation has been given.

Not only are these examinations required by law, but they also give the vet the opportunity to monitor your pet's response to the prescribed drugs and to ensure that there are no undesirable side-effects. After all, we talk of a year of your pet's life being similar to seven years of our own, and you can be sure that your GP wouldn't prescribe 3 or 4 years of medication without giving you a check-up!

If you require a repeat prescription, we would be grateful if you could phone the surgery first- preferably giving us 24hrs notice, to enable us to obtain the necessary authorisation.

If you wish, you may request that the veterinary surgeon issues a written prescription for supply at a different pharmacy. There is a charge made for the provision of this document, and the veterinary surgeon can accept no liability for the quality or authenticity of any medications that we do not supply.