Mainstone, Romsey, SO51 6BA - Map
Mainstone, Romsey, SO51 6BA - Map

Insurance Claims 

We all know that when our pet is ill the first priority is to make sure that they receive appropriate treatment. Being able to claim some of the associated costs on insurance gives you peace of mind at a difficult time.

The first step is for you to contact your Insurance Company, to inform them you wish to make a claim.  They will either deal with us electronically or there may be a claim form for you to complete.   Due to the complexity of many claims, we have had to introduce an administration fee for each insurance claim submission, currently £5.00

Direct Claims – settlement to us

In certain circumstances, we may be able to authorise a direct claim.  If approved by the Practice Manager you will need to complete a Direct Insurance Authorisation and Information Form (available from the practice). You will also be required to contact your insurance company to give authorisation for direct communication with us regarding the policy and claim if necessary.   

To process a direct claim, we need to receive payment of your policy excess, any non-insured treatment, and our administration fee currently £15.00.