Mainstone, Romsey, SO51 6BA - Map
Mainstone, Romsey, SO51 6BA - Map


Cat Friendly ClinicThe Cat Friendly Clinic Programme


The Cat Friendly Clinic Programme is an initiative set up by the ISFM, the veterinary division of International Cat Care. It aims to reduce the stress associated with visits to the vet, both for cats and their owners, and to promote high standards of care for feline patients.

We are very pleased that we were one of the early practices to sign up to the scheme, and were awarded Silver Accreditation in 2015. This acknowledged the facilities and steps we had taken to promote good cat wellbeing during trips to, and stays at, our surgery. This does not imply that we rate cats more highly than dogs, but that we appreciate and are sensitive to their different characteristics and behaviours.

However, we did not want to rest on our laurels, and have continued to invest in equipment, facilities and our staff, to further improve the service we offer. We now have a separate ward for our cat in-patients, so they are well away from the smell and noise of the dogs, feline friendly hospitalisation cages, a range of equipment specifically for treating cats, offer “cat-only” consulting sessions and have created a “cats only” area within the waiting room during other consulting times. All of our staff have been trained in approaching and handling cats sensitively and respectfully, and continue to update their knowledge as new treatments and information becomes available.

One of our Veterinary Surgeons, Alison Hammond, is the nominated “Cat Advocate” for Mainstone Veterinary Clinic. She is a point of contact for advice and queries relating to the scheme, and is responsible for ensuring that we continue to meet all of the “Cat Friendly” criteria.

For further information, and to access a wide range of advice sheets covering such topics as behaviour, general healthcare and breed information, please visit: